Our Market

Providing an educational service to the long-term care nursing market since 1990. The market consists of approximately 250,000 long-term care beds in some 2,355 facilities. Our major paid subscribers are administrators and nursing directors in these facilities.

The Market:

The market is currently expanding. The Ontario government recently announced the approval of some 3,000 beds in 2003, and similar expansion is forecast across the nation. The purchasing authority for any product or service in these facilities can be a single manager/owner or a collaboration of three (3) - the Administrator, the Director of Nursing/Director of Care and the purchasing director.

Canadian Nursing Home is delivered by name to over 2,000 Long-Term Care Facilities, 400 Libraries and Allied Health Care Agencies. Total Circulation 3,004.The Journal is distributed to 3,004 Owners, Administrators, Directors of Care/Nursing Directors, Food Service Managers, Educators and Front Line Workers.

National Distribution:

The Journal Is circulated to Its paid subscribers across Canada. The distribution Is approximately as follows:

Nova Scotia152
New Brunswick148
US + International56
Library & Office 140

Editorial Quality:

Our paid subscribers attest to the credibility, high-quality and educational value of the editorial in the Canadian Nursing Home Journal.

Total Readership across Canada - 3,004 representing over 250,000 beds.

We acknowledge the financial support of the Government of Canada through the Canada Magazine Fund of the Department of Canadian Heritage for this project.

What do the readers say?

“Five peer reviewed journals come into our facility, but Canadian Nursing Home is the one we all fight over. The articles are all relevant, succinct, well research and short enough not to discourage busy practitioners. I’ve said I wanted to get a subscription of my own at home, but it was your Feb/March Dementia Issue that made me put my money down. This issue is so valuable as a teaching reference for RN’s and care staff that I like to get a couple of extra copies for the units.”

* Nurse Manager, ECU

“Could you please send 7 copies of the Feb/March Dementia Issue and bill us. We have a subscription, but want extra copies of this great issue.

*Director of Care

It is superb ! I look forward to reading every article. We have a close experience with Irene Barnes as one of our consultants. The staff love her presentations and her teaching. Each of our five nursing units and managers would genuinely be interested in reading these articles.

*Director of Care

“Your Dementia Issue is Excellent, Excellent, Excellent. We want to order 10 additional copies.”

*Psychogeriatric Consultant

“I have found this issue to be particularly educational. Can you please advise what the cost would be of 8 additional copies.”

* Administrator

“This is the first time I have seen the publication and it is just superb as an educational tool. The style of writing is just what is needed for continuing education, (and basic, for that matter).”

*Nursing Instructor

“I would like to subscribe. I had no idea we had such a useful journal in Canada. We have five Dementia Units in our facility, and this journal will be so helpful. I’m from New Westminster, BC and currently working in Texas as my husband is here for a few years."

Ex-patriot, Houston, Texas